Organic Agriculture

Sustainable Farming and Food Security
Zainab Mansoor

ISBN: 978-5-212-57465-9
Publisher/Imprint: World Biologica
Pages: 230
Format: Print/e-Book
Language: English
Edition/Volume: 1st
© Year: 2021
Publication date: April 2021


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About the Book

Featuring peer-reviewed contributions from top worldwide academics and researchers in the fields of organic agriculture, plant ecosystems, sustainable horticulture, and allied areas of biodiversity science, this book focuses on organic agriculture. It features case studies and reviews on organic agriculture, horticulture, and pest control, as well as the use of microorganisms, composting, crop rotation, organic milk and meat production, and environmental concerns.

Table of Contents


  • Preface

  • List of Illustrations and Figures

  • List of Abbreviations

  1. Trends in Organic Agriculture

  2. Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

  3. Novel Breeding Strategies in Sustainable Crop Production

  4. Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) for Agricultural Ecosystems and Sustainability

  5. Plant Parasites and Organic Farming

  6. Organic Amendments in Sustainable Agriculture

  7. Vermicomposting and Vermitechnology in Organic Farming

  8. Pests and Disease Control Strategies

  9. Biochar and its Role in Organic Agriculture

  10. Sustainable Food Security

  11. Legal Amendments in Organic Agricultural Practices

  • Index

About the Authors/Editors


Dr. Zainab Mansoor, PhD

School of Life Science, Bitlis Eren University, Bitlis, Turkey

Dr. Zainab Mansoor is a young researcher and a teacher at School of Life Science, Bitlis Eren University, Bitlis, Turkey. Her area of specialization in research is plant molecular breeding, stress physiology and global food security . She completed her doctoral degree from Bitlis Eren University, Turkey in 2015 and has more than seven years of teaching experience.  She is reviewer of various national and international journals and she has published research articles in national and international repute. Dr. Zainab has also published two books with Elsevier and Benthum Science. She has delivered the lectures in refresher courses and presented her research findings in national level conference/symposia around the globe.

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