Peer Review Process

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Publication Ethics (COPE)

The World Biologica works with a broader and a new vision. Our international journals work on the new and unique archetype that deals with the scientific and academic publishing sectors. The aristocratic review is done keeping in mind the standard and the moral values that meet the timeline of the researchers. The journals stand out because of the level that it works on and the level that we maintain. Our journals works keeping in mind the moral values that are required for being among the best research journals internationally. The authors are provided the privilege of having confidentiality of their work until it is published. Our journals work with certain ethics. The authors need to confirm that the work is published just in our journal during the submission of their work. This prevents any kind of conflict in the future. The authors are required to specify the creativity of their work. Our journal works on the uniqueness and innovation. This part is something that cannot be compromised.

The research/paper/book published in World Biologica should not trespass the copyrights or any rights of a third party. World Biologica works on certain principles and we strongly support the rules and regulations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). If our journals find any evidence of delinquency in the work given by the author, the committee will be forced to change the scientific records and this may include anything from conveying a correction or refutation.

The review process is properly based on reviewing the manuscripts strictly. The decisions made by the editors’ team are totally unbiased. This ensures the security and safety of the work of the researchers. The work of the author is kept safe with the organization and the authors are provided proper recognition in the system. The publication process involves the relevance and a significant impact on the present research. The originality and novelty and the accuracy of the technical content given in the publications are taken care of. The documentation of this entire thing is considered before we publish any research project/book.

Before publishing any manuscript, we ensure that the soundness and the technicality of the documents are verified. This not just helps in the concept of providing the readers a sense of priority but also show the importance that World Biologica holds for the research work. The final decision is provided only after the peers have completed the review of the document and the suggestions have been taken from the reviewers. The company works on the pillar of seriousness and accuracy. We work towards providing the best to our readers and want to unify the world of science with knowledge.

The manuscript can be sent back by the Editor-in-Chief for revision to the author/editor, depending upon the technicality and the accuracy of the research. World Biologica gives the authors the privilege to clear any doubts. In case of any query, the author can get back to the editor if the review is unsatisfactory. World Biologica has no policy that guarantees the acceptance of the revised submission. The sources of the financial support of the project should be disclosed to the publisher.

 All the papers/chapters that are published in any journal/book are retained by certain copyrights. The copyrights are used as per the Creative Common Attribution license 4.0. 

While publishing a paper/chapter/book certain things have to be taken care of. World Biologica works on the policy of ethical standards. The publishing process works on the policy that the content should not be taken from some other place. All the conditions of the experimentation should be met by the authors.

The authors are required to provide their interest to the company if any conflict takes place in the future. The author will be held responsible if any document from the manuscript is copyrighted to any other journal/book.

World Biologica has a firm policy on the animal and human rights and is known among the most prominent publishers due to the policy and the belief that we have. The author is required to provide all sorts of proclamation if the use of animal models has been done in the experiment.

All journals/books require consent and instances while the work is submitted. This prevents any further conflict by the author. The author is required to submit a clear signature proclamation while submitting his work.

World Biologica is known for its professionalism. We believe that for any profession civility and misconduct should not be allowed in the system. World Biologica has a firm policy against any verbal manhandle or any level-headed discussions. This kind of behaviour is considered offending.

Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is a process of stating someone else’s work as your own. Plagiarism is a wrongful appropriation and we are really against any act of plagiarism found. World Biologica has strict policies for someone who expresses someone else’s thoughts and work as their own. World Biologica ensures that the submitted manuscript is checked thoroughly. We ensure that the document is not taken from any other associate publishing website. The uniqueness and innovation are two most important attributes of our publishing policy. If any part of the document is plagiarized, then the document can be revised or dismissed from the site strictly.

Peer Review Policy

The articles that are submitted for submission to World Biologica are thoroughly checked for plagiarism. This is the initial phase of the submission of any document and this can be done manually or with the help of any software. After clearing the plagiarism check the documents are then passed over for the peer or aristocratic review process. These two steps are the initial and the most important steps for any document to be published.

Peer or aristocratic review is the process that is defined by the name only. In this step, the manuscript is cross-checked. The review indicates that each and every point of this article; the documentation, soundness, the accuracy and the exactness of the content, relevance, the impression, novelty and the significance over the existing research that has been conducted by the authors is checked by our experts. The relevance that your work has over the field of Research is thoroughly checked by our experts.

Expert and aristocratic review are carried out in order to maintain the standard, the credibility and the quality of the research that is being submitted as a book or to our journal.

This step is carried out under the scrutiny of the respective board of reviewers. The final choice is made by the editors (publishing editors at World Biologica). This step is really important as all the ethics and the morals that the publisher works on are somewhere connected to this step.

In the reviewing process, the suggestions and the comments of the reviewers are sent to the authors/book editors. The editor sends the manuscript back to the author for revision. The process is extremely important and is carried out keeping every detail in mind. The authors are required to correct or change the things that the editors/reviewers have recommended. The editor after receiving the revised manuscript from the author once again sends it to the editorial board for review. The final decision about the publication of the manuscript is made by the editor-in-chief. He is the one to decide whether the document should be published or not.

Retraction/Withdrawal Policy

World Biologica has strong retraction policy. As we process article/book within 10 days, an author is free to withdraw an article within the first 5 days of its initial submission. Once the article has gone through peer review process we incur costs on our end that need to be reimbursed, if the author intends to withdraw the manuscript at this stage.