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Good editing leads to a great manuscript

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World Biologica offers a full range of pre-submission manuscript preparation services to help you maximize the impact of your research and improve the quality of your manuscript. Our list of services includes English language editing, translation with editing, manuscript formatting, plagiarism check and removal, as well as technical review.

A research paper editing, particularly PhD thesis editing will be better off when done by experts of the field who have a command over the language. World Biologica does just that for scientific paper editing, we employ experts in the field, who are either native English speakers or have studied in mainland Europe or the US. Any academic paper editing process must go through multiple revisions while maintaining the crux of the content within.

Our publishing/editing consultancy can lend a hand, share our ideas and add our expertise to yours. Whatever you need to help you through your ever-growing to-do list, identify the next great thing, or forge a new frontier.

World Biologica is a full-service publishing consultancy offering a broad range of solutions in scholarly publishing. Our goal from the start has been to develop the expertise needed to serve most if not all of our clients’ needs in one shop; to ensure that every deliverable is custom, targeted, and actionable and our recommendations are authoritative and evidence-based; and absolutely to provide you with highly personalized and professional attention every step along the way.

Editing, Proofreading and Formatting – All included in a single fee!

Proofreading along with editing for a flawless document

Your document is professionally edited and proofread by language specialists who are native speakers of English. Our editors have knowledge of a variety of professional and academic fields, and are qualified to expertly refine your particular type of document. We will ensure your work is free from all English language errors (in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typography) and has an improved style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence.

How it Works
  1. Experts and professionals selected according to your field of study.
  2. Free re-edit or money back in case of rejection based on language.
  3. Editing by native speakers
  4. High-speed turnaround
  5. Free re-editing support for 365 days
  6. Focus on logic, structure and the flow of content
  7. Manuscript formatting as per journal/book requirements
  8. References are edited
  9. Reference check for consistency, completeness and structure
  10. Cover Letter customized for journal submission
  11. Detailed language check: spelling, grammar, sentence structures and terminology
  12. Make your manuscript sound more professional
Figure Services

Our Figure Formatting service generates publication-ready figures that conform to your chosen journal’s/publisher’s specifications based on your images, graphs, and diagrams. This includes changes to file type, resolution, color space, font, scale, line weights, and layout (to improve readability and professional appearance). After your figures have been formatted, you can ask an unlimited number of questions about the work we have completed. Our team also ensures to deliver you the copyright-free and original illustrations.

Table Services

Our Tables service helps you present your data clearly with properly formatted tables that adhere to your target journal’s/publisher’s guidelines. Let our team of scientifically-trained illustrators adjust the layout, font, spacing, borders, and shading of your tables to accurately and efficiently communicate your results.

Similarity Review Report

Have you properly acknowledged and cited other authors’ work in your manuscript? It can be hard to keep track, but failure to do so is viewed by journals as unethical and often leads to rejection. Using our Plagiarism Check Services is a great way to avoid accidental plagiarism.

We use Turnitin software to help you identify passages in your manuscript that could be flagged by journals for accidental plagiarism. You will receive a Turnitin assessment and a report that will guide you in making it clear in your manuscript where you are building on the work of others. Moreover, our team strives to remove the entire similarity index and deliver you the original content with 0% plagiarism (T&C applied).

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