The Chemistry of Milk and Milk Products

Physicochemical Properties, Therapeutic Characteristics, and Processing Methods
Megh R. Goyal, Suvartan G. Ranvir, Junaid Ahmad Malik

ISBN: 9781774912249
Publisher/Imprint: AAP, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group)
Pages: 403
Format: Print/e-Book
Language: English
Edition/Volume: 1st
© Year: 2023
Publication date: April 2023



About the Book

This new volume aims to provide an understanding of the manufacturing processes of milk products and the structural, physicochemical, and compositional changes that occur during manufacturing and storage of milk products. It also addresses the various reactions that can happen during processing and storage of dairy products and their impact on quality.

Milk and milk products are highly nutritious mediums, yet their low acidity provides favorable environment for growth of pathogenic and spoilage causing organisms. This volume covers methods for inactivating or killing these organisms and thus elongating the shelf-life and quality of milk products. It looks at various types of treatments including thermal and nonthermal technologies. While these treatments guarantee the microbiologically safety of milk and milk products, they can also simultaneously cause changes in nutritional quality, physicochemical changes, compositional changes, causing different reactions and formation of numerous types of components.

This volume covers the constituents and chemistry of milk and milk products, the physicochemical properties of milk and milk products, the therapeutic characteristics of milk and milk products, and then goes on to present specialized processing methods for milk and milk products. It presents sound knowledge of raw milk composition, mineral constituents in milk, and manufacturing process of butter and ice cream. It also covers the physicochemical changes and compositional changes occurring during manufacturing and storage of milk, concentrated milk, butter, butter oil and ice cream. Also discussed are the therapeutic characteristics of fermented milk and milk products, milk-derived bioactive peptides, and potential aspects of whey proteins in dairy products. Specialized methods such as proteolysis in ultra-high temperature (UHT), heat and acid coagulation of milk products, processing and characteristics of dry dairy milk powders, and methods to monitor pesticide residues in milk and milk products have also been evaluated.

The Chemistry of Milk and Milk Products: Physicochemical Properties, Therapeutic Characteristics, and Processing Methods will be helpful for dairy science teaching staff and advanced students, researchers, and industrial personnel interested in theoretical and practical knowledge about changes in physicochemical, compositional properties and heat induced changes occurs during manufacturing and storage of dairy products, not just in improving the quality and performance of dairy products but also in a much wider context.

Table of Contents



1. Chemistry of Raw Milk: Composition, Distribution, and Factors
Suvartan Ranvir, Ankita Hooda, Aarthy Bose, and Harish Kumar

2. Mineral Profiles of Milk and Milk Products: Their Interaction and Therapeutic Benefits
Manju Singh, Suvartan Ranvir, Thejus Jacob, and Sandeep G. M. Prasad

3. Chemistry of Butter: Classification, Processing Effects on Constituents, and Defects
Nandita Das, Srishty Tyagi, Payal Karmakar, and Sunil Sakhala

4. Chemistry and Different Aspects of Ice Cream
Nandita Das and Ankita Hooda

5. Functional Ice Cream: Chemistry, Characteristics, and Technology
Ramesh F. Chavan, Rahul R. Sindhani, and Bhagwan K. Sakhale

6. Physicochemical Characteristics of Milk
Sunil Meena, Partha Pratim Debnath, Suvartan Ranvir, and Dinesh Chandra Rai

7. Physicochemical Characteristics of Concentrated Milk
Sonu K. Shivanna, Laxmana Naik, and Priyanka Singh Rao

8. Butter Oil (Ghee): Classification, Processing, Composition, and Physicochemical Changes during Storage
Mitul R. Bumbadiya, Soma Maji, Khusbhu Sao, and Suvartan Ranvir

9. Biochemical Characterization of Cheese during Ripening
Rita Mehla, Jyotika Dhankhar, Suvartan Ranvir, and Shamim Hossain

10. Therapeutic and Nutritional Properties of Fermented Milk and Milk
Divyang Solanki, Suvartan Ranvir, Heena Parmar, and Subrota Hati

11. Therapeutic Characteristics of Milk-Derived Bioactive Peptides: An Overview
M. A. Syama, V. K. Ammu, and S. Athira

12. Potential Aspects of Whey Proteins in Dairy Products: Chemistry, Bio-Functional Characteristics, and Applications
Drishti Kadian, Chandni Dularia, and Chander Mohan

13. Proteolysis in Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) Milk: Causes, Assessment, and Remedies
Suvartan Ranvir, Manju Singh, Pranali Nikam, Soniya Ranveer, Harish Kumar, and Thejus Jacob

14. Heat and Acid Coagulated Milk Products: Physicochemical Changes during Processing and Storage
Ronit Mandal, Payal Karmakar, Kuntal Roy, and Rekha Rani

15. Processing and Characterization of Dry Milk Powders
Naveen Jose, Menon Rekha Ravindra, and Gajanan P. Deshmukh

16. Assessment of Pesticide Residues in Milk and Milk Products
Jyotika Dhankhar, Rita Mehala, and Preeti Kundu


About the Authors/Editors

Megh R. Goyal, PhD

Retired Professor in Agricultural and Biomedical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus; Senior Acquisitions Editor, Biomedical Engineering and Agricultural Science, Apple Academic Press, Inc.

Megh R. Goyal, PhD, PE, is a Retired Professor in Agricultural and Biomedical Engineering from the General Engineering Department in the College of Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico–Mayaguez Campus. He has worked as a Soil Conservation Inspector and as a Research Assistant at Haryana Agricultural University and Ohio State University. He was the first agricultural engineer to receive the professional license in Agricultural Engineering from the College of Engineers and Surveyors of Puerto Rico and was proclaimed as the “Father of Irrigation Engineering in Puerto Rico for the twentieth century” by the ASABE, Puerto Rico Section, for his pioneering work on micro irrigation, evapotranspiration, agroclimatology, and soil and water engineering. During his professional career of over 52 years, he has received many prestigious awards. A prolific author and editor, he has written more than 200 journal articles and several textbooks and has edited over 100 books.

Suvartan G. Ranvir, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Dairy Chemistry, Warner College of Dairy Technology, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India

Suvartan G. Ranvir, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Dairy Chemistry at Warner College of Dairy Technology at Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India. Prior to this role, he served as a senior executive at Mother Dairy Fruit and Private Limited, Delhi from 2013–2015. For his PhD research work, he has received best poster awards four times at national and international conferences. He also received a DuPont Nutri-Scholar Award, India. He is a recipient of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Senior Research Fellowship (2015); Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute Senior Research Fellowship; Young Scientist Award (2020); Young Research Achiever Award (2020); Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Senior Research-National Dairy Research Institute Fellowship for his MTech and PhD degrees. Dr. Ranvir is currently working in ultra-high temperature-treated milk (UHT), low glycemic index foods, and extraction of micronutrients and their encapsulation in food. He has published several research papers in national and international journals and has written a competitive examination book for dairy science, book chapters, popular articles, conference papers, abstracts, and editorial opinions. He is advising several MTech scholars in dairy chemistry and has successfully guided five postgraduate students for their dissertation work. He also serves as an external examiner for various Indian state agricultural universities. Dr. Ranvir serves as an editor and reviewer of several journals. Dr. Ranvir has successfully completed ISO lead auditor and internal auditor certification. He is a life member of the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists, India.

Junaid Ahmad Malik, PhD
Lecturer, Department of Zoology, Government Degree College, Bijbehara, Kashmir (J&K), India

Junaid Ahmad Malik, PhD, is a Lecturer with the Department of Zoology at Government Degree College, Bijbehara, Kashmir (J&K), India, and is actively involved with teaching and research activities. He has more than eight years of research experience. His areas of interest are ecology, soil macrofauna, wildlife biology, conservation biology, etc. Dr. Malik has published 21 research articles and technical papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has authored and edited books, book chapters, and more than 10 popular editorial articles. He also serves as an editor and reviewer of several journals. He has participated in several state, national, and international conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposia and has more than 20 conference papers to his credit. He is a life member of the Society for Bioinformatics and Biological Sciences.

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