Advances in Food Process Engineering

Novel Processing, Preservation and Decontamination of Foods
Megh R. Goyal, N. Veena, Ritesh B. Watharkar

ISBN: 9781774911143
Publisher/Imprint: AAP, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group)
Pages: 350
Format: Print/e-Book
Language: English
Edition/Volume: 1st
© Year: 2023
Publication date: April 2023



About the Book

This new volume, Advances in Food Process Engineering: Novel Processing, Preservation and Decontamination of Foods, highlights a selection of novel applications for food processing, food preservation, and food decontamination methods.

The book discusses novel food processing methods, exploring the principles, benefits, and techniques used; recent developments and applications of ultrasonication; supercritical fluid extraction and supercritical fluid chromatography; extrusion technology; advanced drying and dehydration technologies; and encapsulation methods as important tools in the processing of food. Chapters on membrane technology in food processing address the basic membrane processing technologies along with their advantages and disadvantages, including membrane modules, types of membranes, and membrane technologies as well as various applications of membrane process in dairy processing, food and starch processing, beverage processing, sugar manufacturing, oil processing, and treatment of industrial food processing waste.

Mathematical modeling in food processing is also considered in the volume. Chapters present the application and use of mathematical models for measuring and regulating fermentation procedures as well as provide an understanding of how the hydration kinetics of grains can help in optimization and scaling of processes on a large industrial scale. Topics on decontamination methods for foods are included, such as an overview of concepts, basic principles, potential applications, and prospects and limitations of cold plasma technology and irradiation in the food processing sector has been summarized.

This volume provides excellent reference material for researchers, scientists, students, growers, traders, processors, industries, and others on novel food processing and preservation techniques.

Table of Contents



1. Ultrasound Processing of Foods: An Overview
Sandip Prasad, Shruthy Ramesh, and Preetha Radhakrishnan

2. Supercritical Fluid Technology: Recent Trends in Food Processing
Mayuri A. Patil, Aniket P. Sarkate, Bhagwan K. Sakhale, and Rahul C. Ranveer

3. Extrusion Technology of Food Products: Types and Operation
Anjali Sudhakar, Kanupriya Choudhary, Subir Kumar Chakraborty, and Cinu Varghese

4. Fundamentals of Advanced Drying Methods of Agricultural Products
Shikha Pandhi and Arvind Kumar

5. Encapsulation Methods in the Food Industry: Mechanisms and Applications
Rekha Rani, Payal Karmakar, Neha Singh, and Ronit Mandal

6. Membrane Processing in the Food Industry
S. Abdullah, Rama C. Pradhan, and Sabyasachi Mishra

7. Potential of Membrane Technology in Food Processing Systems
Olviya S. Gonsalves, Rahul S. Zambare, and Parag R. Nemade

8. Mathematical Modelling in Fermentation Processes
Ankit Paliwal and Himjyoti Dutta

9. Modelling of Hydration Kinetics in Grains
Ankit Paliwal, Ashish M. Mohite, and Neha Sharma

10. Cold Plasma Processing Methods: Impact of Decontamination on Food Quality
Nikhil K. Mahnot, Sayantan Chakraborty, Kuldeep Gupta, and Sangeeta Saikia

11. Microbial Decontamination of Foods with Cold Plasma: A Noninvasive Approach
Irfan Khan, Nazia Tabassum, and Abdul Haque

12. Food Irradiation: Concepts, Applications, and Future Prospects
Subhajit Ray


About the Authors/Editors

Megh R. Goyal, PhD, PE

Retired Professor in Agricultural and Biomedical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus; Senior Acquisitions Editor, Biomedical Engineering and Agricultural Science, Apple Academic Press, Inc.

Megh R. Goyal, PhD, PE, is a Retired Professor in Agricultural and Biomedical Engineering from the General Engineering Department in the College of Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico

N. Veena, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Dairy Chemistry, College of Dairy Science and Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

N. Veena, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Dairy Chemistry, College of Dairy Science and Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Her area of expertise includes fortification of milk, development and characterization of functional dairy foods, and nanoencapsulation of nutraceuticals and their delivery. She is a recipient of junior research and institutional fellowships from the ICAR–National Dairy Research Institute during her master’s and doctoral programs. She was involved in several institutional and externally funded research projects, such as Milkfed (Punjab), ICAR, and RKVY, as principal or co-investigator. She has published many research papers and review articles in national and international peer-reviewed journals as well as several book chapters, popular articles, and chapters in compendium and manuals. Dr. Veena also developed e-learning content for postgraduate dairy chemistry courses under the ICAR National Agricultural Higher Education Project. She has presented her research work at various national and international seminars and conferences and has received several awards for best oral and poster presentations.

Ritesh B. Watharkar, PhD
College of Management, Agri and Food Management, MIT-ADT University, Loni Kalbhor, Pune,Maharashtra, India

Ritesh Balaso Watharkar, PhD, is currently affiliated with College of Management, Agri and Food Management, MIT-ADT University, Loni Kalbhor, Pune,Maharashtra, India. He was formerly Assistant Professor in the Department of Food Processing Technology at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore, India. He has worked as a Senior Visiting Scholar under a UNESCO Great Wall China Fellowship Programme and as Assistant Professor at K. K. Wagh Food Tech College and at Shramshakti College of Food Technology, affiliated by Mahatma Phule Agricultural University. He has published several journal articles in reputed journals and has attended more than 10 national and international conferences. He also published several popular articles. He is a life member of Association of Food Scientist and Technologist, India.

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